Hendrick's Gin launches NFT webshop on Sayl platform

Published by
Geert Roete
Last update:
August 22, 2022

Press Release

Sayl, an integrated customer loyalty, retention & rewards platform with native support for NFT, is proud to announce the launch of the first Hendrick’s Gin NFT webshop. On the webshop, fans of Hendrick’s Gin, a household gin name globally available, will be able to purchase a premium set of NFTs designed by the famous international artist Sammy Slabbinck. The webshop, NFTs and marketing campaign is into the expert hands of the Belgian department of global media agency Wavemaker. The proceeds from the NFT sale will be donated to the good cause Project Seagrass.

Link: Visit Hendrick's Gin NFT webshop.

With many NFT marketplaces around, Hendrick’s Gin opted for a premium branded webshop where they could have control about the user experience and the way the NFTs are presented to the buyers.

For the payment of the NFTs, Sayl works together with Australian based Banxa, a leading Payment Service Provider that is primarily focused on payments in the web3 space. Banxa takes care of all compliance and regulatory matters during the purchase, allowing consumers to buy NFT in a secure and confident way via traditional fiat currency, opening up these NFTs also to mainstream buyers that do not own crypto currencies.

“With Sayl, we are building the gateway for businesses into web3 with functionalities like NFT online shops, and while doing that, we are happy to work together with partners such as Banxa and Hedera, the carbon-neutral distributed ledger where the NFTs are minted. We’re incredibly excited to work together with Wavemaker as this could be the start of a long-term relationship”, says Sayl’s co-founder Benoit Hossay.

Banxa CMO Gregor Cooney says: "Web2 companies moving into Web3 right now makes perfect sense - the spotlight is on. Being able to showcase our fiat to NFT partnership with Sayl on the Hedera blockchain, along with a premium brand like Hendricks via Wavemaker opens the door to many collaborations to come with leading brands wanting to enter the NFT space with ease”

Wavemaker's Head of Innovation Damien D'Ostuni added “As we were looking for carbon neutral partners, it was very natural for us to suggest Hendrick’s gin the collaboration with Sayl and Banxa both using the Hedera Blockchain. Moreover, thanks to this partnership we allow non crypto owners to become (maybe for the first time) NFTs owners by removing all the barriers they could have with Cryptocurrencies. We are very proud to be part of this wonderful project supporting a good cause and thanks to all the partners being very agile and reactive in the implementation making it possible to be live in no time.”

About Banxa

Banxa’s mission is to accelerate the world to Web3 with its leading global on-and-off ramp solutions. Through their extensive network of local payment solutions resulting in the highest conversion rates, Banxa provides access to global audiences for its partners’ projects. Banxa has a worldwide team of over 200, with operating headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Melbourne, Australia and multiple offices around the globe.

About Wavemaker

Wavemaker believes there always is a better way to grow. We positively provoke growth for our clients by reshaping consumer decision-making and experiences through media, content and technology. The Wavemaker way is globally consistent. Fueled by the world’s most powerful consumer data, we understand where and how marketing can intervene decisively to help brands win more sales. Our 7,000 people across 88 markets have the deep knowledge, confidence and courage to provoke growth for some of the world’s leading brands and businesses.

Wavemaker is part of GroupM, WPP’s global media investment management company. Discover more at wavemakerglobal.com.

About Sayl

Sayl is an integrated loyalty, rewards and retention platform for businesses and brands that seek to connect with their customers in any channel, whether it’s in-store, online or in the metaverse. Positioning itself as a NFT-As-A-Service solution, Sayl creates peace of mind for digital managers and marketers that want to manage the full lifecycle of the NFTs for their business.

- Cover image created by Sammy Slabbinck, copyright Wavemaker.

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