Sell your NFTs online, fully no-code

In only 10 minutes you can set up your own webshop where you sell your NFTs, without the need for KYC.
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Mint and sell your digital collectibles online

Three compelling reasons why you should consider your webshop on Sayl
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Put your brand in the spotlight

Marketplaces kill your brand. There, we said it. On a marketplace your valuable brand will drawn in a database of thousands of other brands where each offer will look and feel the same.  When you care about your brand, you should consider a personalised NFT webshop.
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Get buyers with the right mindset.

The majority of marketplace visitors are crypto fanatics that want to shill NFTs for a quick profit.

With Sayl we help you create a deeper customer relationship where your NFT buyers become an owner. They are your true ambassadors and their mindset is long-term community-focused.
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Analytics and access to customer data

Compared to marketplaces where you have no sight on the customer's data, get access to a rich set of customer data - all within the boundaries of what the customer has given consent to.

Our analytics and KPI reporting help you to further improve your managerial decisions going forward.

No technical expertise needed

Your customers do not need to be crypto experts to be able to buy the NFTs.

The Sayl platform makes the process extreme easy and seamless, where the buyer can pay using fiat money thanks to our integration with Venly Pay.
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No buyer KYC
Avoid lengthy ID checks during the checkout flow.
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Venly Pay
Through our integration with Venly Pay, your customers can buy NFTs using the payment methods they are feeling comfortable with. Credit cards and debit cards, both types are supported.
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About the alternative

Why an NFT marketplace is not the only choice for a brand

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No brand experience

The marketplace will make sure their look and feel is what counts and your brand's experience is not relevant.
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No control over the checkout

On a marketplace you can not decide or control how the checkout looks like and which data points should be collected.
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No access to data

The marketplace is able to collect a lot of data about the visitors and customers but you do not get access to this rich data.
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Learn new ways to improve your customer relationship

Together with Sayl.