When reaching the right people really matters

Communicating with your NFT holders has never been this easy. Embrace the future by using Sayl's NFT messaging.
NFT messaging campaigns
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What is NFT Messaging?

Discover a new way to communicate with your NFT holders

The most reliable way to stay in touch

Imagine you distributed 1000 NFTs to your most loyal customers. How are you going to communicate with them? Email or SMS might work, but what happens when they sell or transfer your NFT? Before you know, you are sitting on outdated email or phone numbers...
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Your community wants to hear from you.

NFT holders are owners of your NFT. They have something at stake. They want to stay in touch with you and you want to stay in touch with them. Sending them communication keeps your brand on top of mind.
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Enter NFT Messaging

Using Sayl's proprietary NFT Messaging technology, you can create campaigns from within the Sayl admin and send them to your live community, or to segments of your community. We track opens and do the reporting.
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How to read the messages.

The messaging campaigns that you send can be read by your community using the Sayl Wallet, or integrated in your own solution via our API.
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The Sayl Wallet App
The Sayl Wallet is a central place where your community can securely store their NFTs, membership cards, vouchers and where they have the ability to see your NFT messages.
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Via our API
Integrate our API and make the messages available in your own custodial or non-custodial wallet. Integrating our API is easy and fully documented.
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About the alternatives

Why web3 communication alternatives fail to do the job

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A fantastic community tool for crypto and game projects but quite messy for the average Joe.
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Twitter is a niche and plagued with too many fake user profiles. Messaging will simply not work.
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Sure, you can shout in your Telegram group with +1000 people on it where everyone is talking crisscross.
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