Proof of Attendance and Purchase

Sayl takes the popularity of POAPs one step further with a true redefinition of POAP. A POAP should not be a protocol, but a way to gamify both attendances and purchases.
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Why use POAPs?

How POAPS fit your customer loyalty & retention strategy

Gamify the relationship with your customers

Combine the collection of POAPs with a gamified challenge, such as 'collect 5 POAPs in a period of 3 weeks'. Reward those customers that go the next mile.

Onboard people in your digital community

Collecting a POAP via Sayl is as simple as scanning a QR code and following three onboarding steps. The flow is seamless and helps you to introduce digital ownership at your client base.
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Identify your customers

Scanning a purchase receipt as a proof of purchase, or proving that you visited a certain location always attributes to a better understanding of your customers.
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Inspires word of mouth

POAPs are one of the tools in the Sayl toolbox to inspire people and to talk about the experiences and rewards they could unlock, related to your brand.

How to set up a POAP

Three simple steps in Sayl make it a reality
Choose the location(s) and parameters
Where do your customers scan the QR code to collect the POAP? How much time between each scan? Do your customers need to be alerted when they are around the POAP?
Generate the QR
We generate the QR code and the claim page where people land after they scan the QR code. You can customize this page to your own likings.
The final key is in your hands: communicate to your audience that they can collect POAPS and which rewards are linked to the collection of these POAPs.

Find new ways to improve your customer relationship

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