Segment customers in any possible way

Create unique customer segments in real time to deliver more personalized messages.
Segment your customers

Segment your audience based on events, interactions, purchases and more

Sayl provides you a wide range of customer segmentation possibilities.
Segment based on activity

Segment based on customer activity

Unlock the power of customer segmentation by leveraging various dimensions of customer behavior. Whether it's their online interactions, purchase history, mobile preferences, email responsiveness, or more, our platform allows you to effortlessly create tailored segments.

You can even combine multiple activities to generate hyper-targeted segments, empowering you to launch highly personalized campaigns that resonate with your audience.
segment to target at right time

Target the right customers at the right moment

Empower your marketing initiatives with effortless precision. Whether your objective is to drive repeat purchases among your most valuable customers, win back lapsed patrons, or boost app adoption and engagement, our intuitive segment builder is the key to accomplishing all this and beyond. Seamlessly craft highly impactful, targeted campaigns to fuel your business growth

Treat every customer like a star

Easily categorize your customer base according to shared events, actions, or behaviors. With all the valuable data on your customers' preferences, likes, and habits readily available, you can leverage these segments to design campaigns and rewards that feel remarkably personalized and relevant.

Your customers will experience a level of tailored attention that makes them feel truly special and uniquely valued.
Segment to keep customers come back

Keep your customers coming back

Effortlessly categorize your customer base by their most recent interaction or purchase date. Entice them to reconnect with your brand through enticing rewards or captivating campaigns.

You can even establish an automated re-engagement journey tailored to your segment, ensuring your strategy for winning back customers operates seamlessly and efficiently.

Integrated in your marketing automation

Sayl Cloud offers seamless integration with a wide range of marketing and CRM platforms available today. This guarantees that the segments you create effortlessly synchronize with the communications you deliver.

Simplify your workflow by segmenting, syncing, and sending—all in one convenient location. Managing your loyalty program has never been more streamlined and hassle-free!

Start unlocking the full potential of your brand