Wallets are the new identity

The Sayl wallet aspires to be the wallet for everybody.
Built with accessibility-first, it opens the door for mass adoption and a privacy-friendly source of information for marketers.
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NFT Wallet

What are wallets and why are they important?

The Sayl wallet is the entry-door for your customers to your brand

People store NFTs in a wallet.

A wallet gives your customer access to their digital assets that are stored on the blockchain.

As a marketer, when you distribute a NFT to your most loyal clients, they have to collect the NFT in a wallet.

We provide your customers an easy-to-onboard wallet

We built a wallet onboarding procedure that feels as like your customer is simply creating an email account.

Accessible, comprehensible, no crypto talk. Moreover, the Sayl wallet is very focused on creating utility.

The place to review your NFTs and the perks you provide

Via the Sayl platform you can configure the perks and benefits that your NFT holders should receive.

Benefits could be an additional discount, a give-away in the store, an access to an exclusive event, ....

An additional security layer

The Sayl wallet contains an additional security layer so unlike other wallet solutions, people can not take a screenshot of the QR code and use that as a mean to receive NFT based benefits.
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