From traditional rewards to token rewards

Combine traditional rewards like vouchers and giftcards with innovative perks & benefits linked to the ownership of your digital collectibles.
Token rewards loyalty

Reward the experiences and engagements that your customers love

Sayl provides you a wide range of reward types that you can apply in any commercial context.
NFT Membership program

Membership program

Introduce a next-gen blockchain-based membership program for your beloved customers. Seamless manage your membership tiers, its benefits and track and follow the tier activity.

No technical knowledge is needed and thanks to the accessibility of the onboarding process, your aspired members can easily sign up.
NFT validation on-site in-store

On-site discounts & give-aways

Give your customers a discount when they physically visit your outlet, or organize a give-away in collaboration with another brand so you create a win-win for both. The possibilities here are endless.

Your staff can make use of the Sayl Store Manager app to validate the customer's NFT ownership and to operationally know what must be done.


Let your customers proof that they have physically visited your outlet or your event, and tie a reward to this proof. For example, collect 5 POAPs and receive a unique digital collectible.

This type of gamification will drive foot traffic to your store or restaurant where the customer knows they will be rewarded after collecting a certain number of POAPs.
NFT rewards and engagements

Set up multiple customer challenges

Set Up Multiple Challenges on Our SAAS Platform for Your Customers to Complete and Earn Rewards!

Engage your customer audience like never before. Define multiple challenges that your customers can complete to earn rewards such as vouchers, NFTs, or traditional loyalty points. Our user-friendly configuration makes it easy to set up and easy to measure.

Arrange exclusivity through token gated access

Do you have a webshop or website and do you want to restrict access to only the persons that own a specific NFT or that own your token?

With a snippet of Javascript code generated by Sayl, you can token gate content or special products without any coding knowledge.
nft webshop

Private webshops

Searching for a way to sell your brand's NFTs without handing out control to a marketplace?

Via our NFT webstore you will get the ability to sell NFTs on your own terms, thereby controlling the user's experience and the brand's positioning. Moreover, you will have access to all the data of the customer.

Invite them to events

Are you organising an event and are you looking for a smart way to give access only to people that own your token or NFT? The Sayl platform supports this use case out of the box: sell your NFTs via the built-in webshop and use the Sayl Store Manager app at the entrance of your event to check the validity of the NFT ticket.

Start unlocking the full potential of your brand's community today