Create experiences based on wallet content

Reward fandom by giving the owners of your NFTs access to experiences, limited merchandise, VIP web pages and more.
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Why token gates?

How token gates fit your customer loyalty & retention strategy
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Make them feel included, but exclusive

Only when your customer owns your NFT, they will be entitled to see what you offer.
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Both online or on-premise

A token gate is not restricted to only online content. Make use of all your channels to surprise the client.
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Create a story

Mix the token gates in the marketing narratives to your customers.
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Inspires word of mouth

Token gates inspire people to talk about the experiences they could unlock.

How to set up a token gate

Three simple steps in Sayl make it a reality
Choose your gated content
The content that you want to make accessible to token owners can either be In Real Life (IRL) or an online webpage or webshop.
Generate the code
Generating the token gate code is as simple as pushing a button in our user interface. You do not need any technical knowledge.
Paste the code or use SSM
For online token gates paste the generated code on your website or webshop. For offline token gates make use of our Sayl Store Manager.

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