Your customers' feedback matter

Gather deeper insights on your customers' preferences by asking for feedback and thereby learn what they like or dislike. Via Sayl you can send requests for feedback the moment it matters.
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FOR PRODUCTS, NFTs or services

Deepen your customer relationship

When you understand what your customers think about your service, NFT or goods, you are able to make your offer completely perfect.


Configure the questions that you want to ask your customers, without any technical complexity.

API based

A survey or request for feedback can be automatically sent upon the completion of an order, or based on your integrated API.

Feedback loop

Stay on top of things where you get notified when a customer is not happy with the received service or goods.
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Tailored to your customer

How feedback requests complete the holistic approach that Sayl takes to help you understand your customers

Fields with free input or score-based fields

Define your requests for feedback as textfields where your clients can elaborate their remarks, or choose a scoring based approach where the client gives a score.

Score-based replies

Depending on the score of the feedback, you can show different replies to your customer. We all can imagine that an unhappy customer should receive a different reply than a happy one.

Segment your customers

Feedback scores get linked to the customer and provide you a handy and easy filter in the Sayl segmentation builder. Segmenting the most happy or unhappy clients becomes a piece of cake.

Request feedback the moment it matters

You can indicate when feedback requests should be sent, like one hour after a client did a click&collect order, or 30 minutes after you sold a NFT to your customer.

Learn new ways to improve your customer relationship

Together with Sayl.