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Our in-store app for staff, waiters, stewards or anyone that has contact with your customers.

Overview Sayl Store Manager app

The connected store right in the palm of your hand

Runs on mobile and tablet

The Sayl Store Manager App can be installed on any Android or Apple device, like your mobile phone or tablets.

Simply download the app from the App store or Play Store to get started.

See who is in front of you

Your shop associate or waiter can scan the customer's mobile wallet, physical plastic card or the QR code of the Sayl NFT wallet, or manually look up your customer by their name.
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View all online orders

When you use our integrated online ordering solution, then orders to be handled are always available to your colleagues.

Supports on-premise Web3 scenarios

Validate in-store NFT experiences and rewards based on ownership of an NFT, based on any time or usage based limitations you have set.

Send explanations to your shop associate what to do when NFT ownership is valid.
Sayl Store Manager

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