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How to mint NFTs

In this video we learn you how to mint NFTs via the Sayl Cloud platform.

Minting NFTs on the Sayl platform is both fast and done in a sustainable manner.

How to distribute NFTs

In this video we learn you how to distribute digital collectibes and NFTs to your customers, fans and community members.

How to create POAPs

Learn how to create POAPs on the Sayl platform and how they can act as the start of a new customer journey.

How to sell NFTs

In this video you learn how to put digital collectibles up for sale, using the built-in webshop of the Sayl Cloud platform.

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How to use NFT vouchers

Vouchers are an essential part of any retention strategy, and in this video we show you how you can get started with NFT based vouchers.

How to create token gates

Learn how to create token gates on the Sayl platform and how they can create exclusivity for your collectibles owners, both offline and online.

How to start with the Sayl API

In this video we will show you how to get started with the Sayl API. For developers that want to create own use-cases and that need a reliable platform to do the blockchain stuff.

How to valide NFT in-store

For retailers and hospitality businesses the word omnichannel is not simply a buzz word, it is the daily reality. With Sayl's focus on supporting omnichannel businesses, we made sure that validation of NFT ownership can happen in any channel.

How to send NFT messages

Learn how to use the NFT campaign manager to communicate with your community. Thanks to the proprietary NFT messages functionality in Sayl, you can send campaigns to your customers at any point in time.

Sayl feedback loop - surveys

In the Sayl Cloud platform it is entirely possible to set up a feedback loop where an email is automatically sent out after the customer has done somethng, for example they ordered food.

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