Giftcards and vouchers

Sell giftcards on your website that can be used withing your restaurant, hotel or retail store
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Overview of our giftcard possibilities

Discover how giftcards can be used online and in-store
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Sell giftcards for online ordering

Offer your clients the possibility to buy a giftcard for themselves or for a friend. The purchased giftcard will be send via email and the recipient can then use the giftcard in your online store.

When the buyer orders less than the value of the giftcard, the buyer can buy a second time. The moment the value of the giftcard is fully depleted, the customer can pay the outstanding balance online.
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Giftcards to be used in your restaurant or store

When your shop associates or waiters use our Sayl Store Manager App, they can easily validate the giftcard, for customers that do not order online and that want to order in your store or restaurant.
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Integrated with your POS

We understand that giftcards need to be booked correctly in an acceptable way for accounting. Therefore in our integrations with Point Of Sales solutions we always make sure that online payments using giftcards are correctly covered.

The above will ensure your financial officer or accountant will thank you for making his life more easy.
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Sell giftcards on your own website

Selling giftcards on your own website is extremely easy thanks to our giftcard widget. We removed all the technical complexity from the integration, so you can concentrate on what matters: make publicity for those great giftcards of yours.
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