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In our monthly webinar we bring you the latest developments in the Web3 space with focus on education and pragmatic campaigns.
Topic next webinar: Web3 and NFT in the Emirates
Guest: Priyanka Vijayan, Director International Ventures
Date: 24th of February 2023, 11 AM CET

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Sayl webinar guests

Past webinars

Luca Dell'Orletta - Nestlé

Luca is the global head of innovation technology at Nestlé Group, the global food group with more than 230.000 employees.
Sayl webinar Marco Giacalone

Marco Giacalone - P&G

Marco Giacalone is the CEO of Giacolabs and a global brand director for P&G. Within Giacolabs, Marco advises companies on their web3 and NFT initiatives.

Krishna Bhawanidin - Ex-Nike

Krishna has been active in the digital space for quite some times at known names such as Nike and Coca-Cola.