Trusting a future-proof blockchain

Sayl deeply integrates the Hedera DLT with maximum support for business use cases, while also supporting other blockchains.
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Why Hedera?

Many blockchains exist so let us explain why we chose to integrate the Hedera blockchain to spur our mass adoption plans
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The scalability

Technically speaking, Hedera is not really a blockchain, it is a DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) of the 3rd generation with proof-of-stake and hashgraph as consensus mechanism. Thanks to this different approach, Hedera can do up to 10.000 transactions per second and it's blazing fast.
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Carbon neutral

As a business or enterprise you understand that ESG (environmental, Social and Governance) is at play. You don't want to be perceived as a brand or business using proof of work blockchains that consume energy and that attribute to climate change. Hedera is fully carbon neutral.
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Predictable blockchain fees

As a CIO, a CMO, a CTO or no matter which other role, you need to create budgets that are transparent and that allow to calculate a ROI. Thanks to our collaboration with Hedera we can offer our clients a pricing that is just that: transparant and fixed, without any surprises. Moreover, the blockchain costs of Hedera are extremely competitive and budget-friendly.
When you have existing nfts

Our support for other blockchains

We integrated numerous other blockchains so we can support web3 projects that have minted NFTs on other blockchains and analyse that.
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The Sayl Wallet App
Your NFT owners that bought their NFT on a chain like Ethereum can sign up for the Sayl Wallet to enjoy the customer engagements and rewards functionality that we offer.
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Via our API
Integrate our API and interact with your NFTs to fully support your specific usecase. Integrating our API is easy and fully documented.
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