Loyalty and real-world utility for ambitious Web3 projects

Define challenges and rewards for your community members. Create perks and benefits that tie to the ownership of your digital collectibles.
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Loyalty for Web3

Owner Relationship Management is here

Create the best possible relation with your NFT owners & community
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Gamification via geo-location and POAPs

What better way to keep your community engaged by offering POAPs that are full geo-localised! Create exciting challenges for your community members and easily configure rewards for completing them.
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Omnichannel perks & benefits for owners

Sayl allows you to add perks such as online discounts, give-aways, vouchers, on-premise & offline benefits. Make use of our user-friendly token gating to link NFTs to protected content.

Perks can be limited in time, or limited in usage, so you always stay in control.
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Turn wallet addresses into identified & reachable customers

Track the circulation of your NFTs and the usage of the linked benefits or wallet identifications. Our analytics and reporting helps you to keep track of your community.
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Go beyond minting, start a journey

Start your NFT journey right with Sayl! Create and distribute your NFTs, and keep building a strong bond with your community through gamified challenges, personalized messaging, and endless possibilities. Experience a long-lasting relationship with your community with Sayl.
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NFT Messaging
Sayl provides you a powerful campaign builder so you can message your NFT community, in a true blockchain enabled way.
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The Sayl API
Integrate our API and send NFTs from within your own application or platform.
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The easiest way to build a vibrant customer community.

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Gamify via challenges

Introduce exciting customer challenges where your client base can show their engagement and be rewarded for completing them.
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Send personalised messages

Send personalised and relevant messages to your client base, via multiple channels such as SMS, email, blockchain, push notifications and more.
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Reward the right way

Sayl allows you to reward your customers for any type of activity and gives you the ability to give different types of rewards depending on the engagement.

Membership infrastructure for web3, and more

The Sayl platform can be used to power your own use cases. Visit our API documentation and discuss with us how our API-driven approach could fit your ambitious plans.
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