Supercharge your customer loyalty

Your best way to never run out of customers is to bring back the ones you already have.
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Why future-proof loyalty matters.

A new generation of customers

Grow and evolve with your customer base. Loyalty '3.0' is all about customer experience, ownership and brand communities.
Make your customer an owner

Build a thriving community where your fans can connect, showcase their collections, and share their passion for your digital creations.
Foster the relationship with your client
Gain valuable insights into your customers' ownership and interactions with your brand.

Helping marketers to get the most out of their client data and build retention

Sayl Resto online ordering

For hospitality and retail

With client data in many sales channels and third parties, Sayl helps you to centralise data, activate and build insights on this data.
brands in web3

For brands

Customers become owners and the role of communities turn the table for marketers. Sayl helps you manage and nurture that owner relationship.
Web3 projects

For web3 projects

Strong web3 projects that build on substance instead of hype require a platform that provides utility and that creates insights on the members' behavior.  

The easiest way to build a vibrant customer community.

Gamify via challenges

Introduce exciting customer challenges where your client base can show their engagement and be rewarded for completing them.
NFT messages

Send personalised messages

Send personalised and relevant messages to your community owners, fully blockchain enabled (no email). Integrable with your brand's app or wallet.

Reward the right way

Sayl allows you to reward your customers for any type of activity and gives you the ability to give different types of rewards depending on the engagement.

What our clients say

How they use our integrated loyalty & membership platform
About Sayl
“Sayl provides us a very stable integrated solution where we use the online ordering and loyalty functionalities. We benefit on an operational, workflow level, and were also able to further digitize our sales channels taking into account all kind of customer data. After a trial we decided to do a full roll-out of the platform in all of our Belgian and international restaurants.”
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Joachim Verlinden, CMO
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