Easy to use, easy to measure loyalty

Delight your customers with a seamless integrated offer where you reward your customer for their online purchases and their engagement via gamified challenges.
Future-proof loyalty
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Cloud-based loyalty software

Powerful loyalty features that make a difference

A selection from our rich feature set.
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Loyalty program with customer challenges

We keep track of your customers engagement and allow you to configure point-based rewards with all the building blocks in place.


Digital vouchers that you can use one-time, or multiple times. Support for percentual discounts or a fixed value.
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Want to sell your giftcards online? The Sayl platform has got your back. Our customisable widget can be put on any website.
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Classic loyalty & Web3-enabled loyalty

Seamlessly support NFT-based use-cases. Introduce real-world utility for your youngest generation of fans.

Feedback requests & rewards

Easily configure surveys that should be sent upon an engagement of a client, like a purchase. Use the answers to improve your business and reward your client for their feedback.
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Referral programs

Turn your customer base into an acquisition channel. Create programs that reward your customers for bringing their friends into your family.

Use the no-code builder to reward loyalty without technical skills

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Orchestrate the outcomes you want

Design multi-step interactions that drive to results with a user-friendly visual builder.

Bring your loyalty program on top of mind

We help you so your customers are not forgetting you. Configure time-based or attendance-based rewards.
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Multiple engagements

Create a customer experience tailored made to your brand or business. With unlimited customisation get as wild as you want. It is just like legos, stack the blocks and create your own story.

Get started quickly with our pre-made journeys

Grow and retain throughout the entire customer journey with our prepared templates.
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Learn new ways to improve your customer retention

Together with Sayl.