How to use TikTok to market your restaurant business

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Geert Roete
Last update:
September 9, 2022

With its growing popularity, TikTok is the ultimate place for your brand to get discovered by your audience. TikTok now boasts 850 million active users from all over the world that are one viral video away from becoming your fans and customers.

Set up a restaurant TikTok account

It takes one single viral TikTok video for restaurants to break through, but first, start by signing up on TikTok. Then wisely choose the proper username, preferably identical to your existing business Instagram account, or business name. Once your account is created. You should switch your account to professional mode. This way, you’ll have access to useful analytics and information. Next, you will need to choose your account type: Creator or Business. The Creator account allows you to add trending music to your videos, helping your video to gain more attention through the TikTok algorithm. The Business account allows you to link your business website, linktree, or Instagram to your TikTok profile.

In order to get the most benefits for your restaurant follow this TikTok strategy:

  1. Unique campaigns - The content you put out on TikTok should be as creative and quirky as possible. To showcase your TikTok restaurant menu, create a campaign building anticipation for a new menu item or challenge them to find a unique name for it, and share behind the scenes clips of how it’s made.
  2. TikTok ads - The good news about TikTok ads is that since the platform is relatively new, the ads are less competitive. The bad news is that they’re quite expensive, with a minimum investment of $500. However, if you feel like it’s worth investing in attracting a younger demographic around your location. Check this great post to get all you need about social media ads ;)
  3. Menu and Specials - TikTok provides an awesome platform for restaurants to showcase new menu items and specials, especially if you introduce them in a visually memorable way.
  4. Recipes, Food Prep Secrets and Sneak Peeks - The newest social media platform is packed with creative recipe videos that use jump cuts to keep things short, sweet, and tempting.

TikTok tips to skyrocket your followers number:

  1. Hashtag challenge - This one of the most popular activities on TikTok brings the entire community together, from young people to seniors. You can create a hashtag challenge by simply uploading a video of yourself doing the challenge and including its name in a hashtag. The goal of doing this is to increase engagement and gain brand recognition.
  2. Micro-influencers - They really boost your channel and presence on TikTok without you having to spend a fortune. Find some local TikTok celebrities and propose a partnership in which they hype up your menu items to their followers.
  3. Behind the scenes - Share some of your staple recipes so people can prepare them at home or show them tips and tricks on how to cook different dishes and kitchen secrets that will make their life easier.

Check our complete guide to restaurant social media (Instagram & Facebook) to master social selling! We also have amazing articles on how to leverage Twitter to grow your restaurant business. Do it!

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