Huggy's Bar builds NFT utility on Sayl platform

Published by
Geert Roete
Last update:
August 22, 2022

Sayl, an integrated loyalty, rewards and retention platform with native support for NFT, announces the launch of the first “Huggy Bar’s NFT”. The Huggy’s Bar is a Belgian restaurant chain known for their high quality American-style Burgers with an authentic Belgian twist.

The Huggy’s Bar typically offers a “Challenge burger” for their adventurous customers who want to put their stomach to the test with an enormous Burger. The finishers that overcome this challenge will now be rewarded with the newly launched The Huggy’s Bar NFT alongside a printed certificate and the usual t-shirt “I did it”.

Thomas Mémurlin, CEO of The Huggy’s Bar: “Innovative and forward thinking is a crucial part of The Huggy’s Bar DNA. Digital innovations such as NFTs go hand in hand with our continuous quest to improve the guest experience and to give them more reasons to come visit us. When Sayl showed us how seamless NFTs could be integrated in our customer story, we were immediately sold.”

With Sayl, we are building the customer gateway for businesses into the exciting web3 world and with our years of experience in the hospitality industry, it was a no-brainer for us to create some exciting use cases that fit a restaurant context. The Huggy's Bar is a long-time customer of ours and we’re more than happy that they embrace NFTs.”, said Sayl’s co-founder Benoit Hossay.

About Sayl

Sayl is an integrated loyalty, rewards and retention platform for businesses and brands that seek to connect with their customers in any channel, whether it’s in-store, online or in the metaverse. Positioning itself as a NFT-As-A-Service solution, Sayl creates peace of mind for digital managers and marketers that want to manage the full lifecycle of the NFTs for their business.

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