How to distribute minted NFTs

The Sayl platform allows marketers and developers to mint NFTs and send them to clients without the need for any technical experience.
In this video we show you how to distribute the minted NFTs.
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How to distribute NFTs

In this video we learn you how to distribute digital collectibes and NFTs to your customers, fans and community members.

What do you learn?

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Six ways to distribute NFTs

You can send NFTs manually to email addresses or phone numbers, via API, via a claim page, via the creation of a challenge page, via a segment or via transfers.
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Affordable minting fees

Our choice for the Hedera blockchain means the costs of minting is always under control, with no surprises.
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Secure and robust

We take security serious and our mature platform is able to support your customer journeys with respect for customer data.
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Fully documented REST API

All actions in our Sayl admin can also be done via the Sayl API. For developers a must to check out.

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