Build brand loyalty in all your channels.

Sayl supports your commercial ambitions with innovative webshop capabilities and an effective customer loyalty and engagements program.
more customers, MORE REVENUE.

+4000 registered shops

3 good reasons why it works for you.

We take care of the webshop

We built our in-house developed product with lots of love, and can guide your customers during setup and live phase.

It's different - videocall commerce

What you won't find elsewhere: video commerce right out of the box

No digital expertise required for your clients

Seamless self-service e-commerce: your clients start to sell in less than 30 minutes

Build relationships via video

Sayl Retail built a solution for premium product sellers that needs advice before getting the sale done.

Convert doubters into buyers

Visitors on the webshop but most have doubts? Make your distributors virtually sit next to them and tell them in person why your products are so perfect for them

Become an advisor, not just a seller

Help online visitors by guiding them to better products which can be ordered immediately from within the call.

Send suggestions straight to the basket

While using our App, the retailer can send any of your products straight into the basket of the client, or highlight it as a suggestion.
Who we already work with?
We partner with large businesses in a multitude of contexts, from classic brands to banks and insurers.
Classic Brands
Bank and insurance
Postal operations
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SMB associations

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