Add future-proof loyalty to your Shopware ecommerce shop with support for vouchers, tiers, referrals and much more
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Shopware - sayl cloud

About this integration

The integration between Sayl Cloud, a powerful software platform specializing in loyalty programs, and Shopware, a leading ecommerce platform, brings together the best of both worlds to enhance customer engagement and drive sales.

Sayl Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of loyalty program features, allowing businesses to create personalized rewards, points systems, and exclusive offers for their customers. By integrating with Shopware, an established ecommerce solution, Sayl Cloud seamlessly integrates loyalty programs into the online shopping experience, enabling businesses to incentivize customer loyalty and increase repeat purchases.
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Shopware sayl integration

Mighty powers you will gain

👉 Create exclusivity by token-gating your fantastic products. Only owners of the NFT token you specify will be able to buy the product.

👉Support for referrals (member gets member). Reward your existing clients for bringing you new clients.

👉Support for online vouchers and giftcards

👉Introduce a loyalty program that supports point collection and redemption for discounts and/or physical rewards.
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Important to know

👉The loyalty plugin for Shopware created by Sayl is only suitable for the modern cloud-hosted Shopware editions.

👉When you want to use the Sayl loyalty functionality, be sure to check our Sayl Academy with various how-to videos.
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