Venly - Sayl integration

Supercharge your loyalty program with the power of web3
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Drive web3-based loyalty

Tap into the full potential of web3 with our seamless integration featuring Venly, the premier web3 platform. Venly offers a comprehensive solution, encompassing wallet creation, NFT and digital asset generation, and infrastructure for primary and secondary sales. Now, your customers can effortlessly exchange loyalty cards among themselves.

Activating the Venly integration is a breeze – simply sign up on the Venly business portal, copy the required credentials into Sayl Cloud, and voilà! Once the connection between the two platforms is established, everything operates seamlessly and automatically.
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What can be done

👉 Create digital collectibles, loyalty membership cards or exclusive NFTs
👉Enjoy all the functionality of Sayl's loyalty program, with referral rewards, gamification options, member-gets-member...
👉Data collection and segmentation capabilities
👉Generate blockchain-based wallets for your members fully automatic, without them even knowing it
👉Sell NFTs via Venly Pay
👉Use the Venly marketplace to activate the secondary sales between customers
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For B2C brands and sports

👉Reward your audience and fans with innovative ways to acknowledge their loyalty and their engagements
👉Engage your loyalty members by integrating them into a vibrant community where digital collectibles serve as symbols of membership and achievements.
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